GrapeCity Developers Tools is an enterprise software product line that delivers .NET & JavaScript controls to be used in software enterprise projects around the world. 

With intuitive, extensible & flexible APIs along with hundreds of features, there are virtually no limits to the ideas that one can think of implementing to support several business verticals. For over last 3 decades, GrapeCity has been producing world-class software products. These are:

  • ComponentOne – A collection of brilliant UI, fast .NET UI grids, charts and many other controls
  • ActiveReports – An industry leading .NET reporting solution
  • Spread – An extensible .NET & JavaScript spreadsheet solution
  • Wijmo – Cutting edge JavaScript/HTML5 UI controls for any framework
  • Documents – Fast, efficient Excel, Word and PDF APIs for .NET Core 2.0 and Java
  • Wyn (pronounced as ‘wine’) – BI solution for your enterprise

As a part of Global Developer Tools & Enterprise Solutions, the Developer tools division based in India covers the whole gamut of services and skills to participate inclusively in the product development life cycle and contributes in the success of our products. Developers Tools team in India works as a cohesive unit to achieve common objective and provide assignments and responsibilities that can stimulate your grey cells. Following are the functional areas that offer opportunities within the Developer Tools India team:

  • Product Management
  • Developer Customer Engagement
  • QA
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Documentation and Technical Writing
  • Japanese Language translation of Product documents and APIs
  • In-house implementation of CRM and other systems for key global GrapeCity operations

GrapeCity Developer Tools team values its core asset; its employees. We strive to nurture them through mentorship process at every stage. The managers design career path progression/professional development path for each member. A performance measurement framework provides unbiased inputs that highlights the strengths of the team members and indicate their area of improvements and acknowledges the contribution for an employee’s capacity and capability.

For more information about our products and services, please visit www.grapecity.com.