GrapeSEED Technology Division

GrapeSEED is a next generation English oral language acquisition program for children, engineered and facilitated by experts in education. It’s being used by schools around the world.

The “GrapeSEED Technology Division” exists to provide and maintain technical services and applications to support the usage of GrapeSEED in an increasingly digital, global environment. It includes multiple teams spread throughout America, Japan, India, Vietnam, and China.

This is not viewed as a single project, but an ongoing, global collection of sites, apps, and services. They are built to advance the GrapeSEED curriculum into the future through innovation and position it as a world leader in English teaching.

Our development work also includes marketing websites and various utilities. But the primary focus of our work are the sites, apps, and services that all tie into a common account service framework. GrapeSEED is built for students, but the services we build extend to support GrapeSEED users and stakeholders at every level, from executives to administrators to coaches to parents.

The basic version of our core product launched in 2018. However, as our curriculum, team, and market penetration grow, we foresee this work continuing for the next 10+ years. We have already begun work on AI technologies to interact with the students on new levels. There are also many other possibilities under consideration for the future including gaming and collaboration with our animation team in Japan.

We work with the latest technologies and practices. With our services reaching global markets and translated into 10 languages, it offers a fresh and interesting challenge.